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Feel your purpose!

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Tried and failed to achieve a goal?

Frustrated because changes don’t last?

Overwhelmed with stress?

Know that you are meant for more?

Ready to FINALLY reach your goals?


Ready to FINALLY reach your goals?

What price would you pay for the life of your dreams?

What is it worth to you to make all your efforts count and see results…that last?

Ready to do what it takes to invest in yourself and do what it takes?

Let us show you the new science of transformation.


No nonsense. Brilliant. Genuine. Cutting edge stuff. Never been disappointed when I need guidance. After 20 years, she’s the person who knows me, gives me what I need, and I know she truly cares for me and my family and business. Plus, she cracks me up…

-William Peterson

Entrepreneur and athlete

Invest in yourself. The best thing I ever did. Doc Robin sees things and knows things that no one else ever has. Changed my life completely—not just at work (which is why I first sought help). My health, home life, relationships, and happiness are better.

-Pete Armanpour

Chemist/Weekend warrior and coach

Right actions, right order, right time—showed us why what we had tried before with our department hadn’t been successful. True and lasting change requires the customized, challenged, perfected, and “evolutionized” practices that we now work with.

-Theresa Wiskewski

Safeway International, Denver Colorado

Using the tools, especially Life360 assessment, and following all the instructions, my life became truly my own creation. Right actions, right order, right time—as she says—made all the difference in success. What I thought was simply a leadership/professional issue became an entire life transformation.

-Robert Edmond

CFO, Fortune 500 company

Recovering from an injury that took me out of my sport for over a year, I needed someone with her expertise and training to get me back, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Afraid I’d lost it all, Robin brought me back better and healthier in all ways than I’d been.

– Ben Xiao


As a therapist, I’d heard that Robin was the real deal. Next level. When you are really ready to get out of your own way, Robin is your coach. I’ve never felt more powerful.

– Jennifer Dierdra


She believes it when she says you have an important unique contribution to this planet and it’s selfish to not share it. She pulls into your genius, even when you don’t know what it is! I’ve never felt so much possibility and purpose. My life has never been more fulfilled. Do this. You won’t regret it.

– Terry Bullock

HR VP Level 3 communications

I LOVE THIS WOMAN. I COULDN'T RECOMMEND HER MORE HIGHLY. Dr Robin blew me away with her ability to understand me, give me the tools and guidance as well as the confidence and kick in the butt to get me to live my best life, in all areas of my life. If you’re ready to get on with it, she can help you. Not what I expected at all. Better.

– Glen Gelson

Senior Programmer, IBM

Dr Robin spoke at our leadership training and left us with a clear sense of purpose, direction, and sense of collaboration that we simply could not have done without her. It’s not easy, but it was worth it

– Ken Williamson

UCFW International

Working (for free) with our boys soccer team, we got faster, better, and functioned like a team. And we enjoy it now, which made all the difference. Using the brain science was easy, and will give these boys lifelong strategies, no matter what they do in the future.

– Anthony Vendetti

Broomfield Turf Club

Hilarious and wicked smart, speaking my language, she put me through paces I’d never been through to get me past my limitations. If you want the real deal, hire Dr. Robin. As she would say, however, this isn’t for everyone. You’ve gotta be willing to do what it takes. Even when it’s hard.

– Thomas Cameron


By the end of my first session I realized that I had perhaps done the best thing to this point in my life. My time with you has enlightened me to the inner workings of life, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. By applying the techniques that you have taught me I am able to effectively deal with issues that just a short time ago were seemingly impossible. I now look forward to our occasional visits not only as my therapist but, most importantly, my friend.

– Fred Quallis


“Therapy’ with Robin was NOT what I expected. I think I learned more in the first session about myself and how to help myself than I’d ever experienced in any training before. In simple language, I understood what was going on inside my body and my mind, and I could begin to "reprogram" some of my old patterns by doing "innercise"--mind training. I can feel my life changing, and I feel inspired and powerful. I really am creating a life that I want to live. So many people ask me what’s different about me, and I just tell them I’ve discovered a “me” that I like.”

– Roger Piazza

Track and Field Competitor

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